How You Can Help

Our Romanian Orphan Ministry is dependent on the prayers and involvement of our friends and co-workers.  Each day is filled with miracles of Divine favor, sent by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Without His love, and your sacrifices, we labor in vain.  We invite you to consider some of the ideas and projects that we share in the following article.

how you can helpBread of Life Orphanage needs your help. You read our reports, you see the photos of the work that God is doing, but the unspoken truth is that this ministry is a joint effort between God—us—and—our ministry coworkers. We would labor in vain if our Heavenly Father did not desire this work to continue. Likewise, if we ceased from our commitment, the children would quickly be back on the streets and the world would mock and scoff at the rubble of another failed ministry. But if you, our ministry coworker withdrew your hand from this plow, all that has been accomplished would be lost. We thank you for your devotion to this work, and we also pledge our continued commitment. Perhaps you have a willing heart to be a coworker with this ministry but you just don’t know how you could help. Here are a few ideas and suggestions for you to consider.

  • Request extra copies of our ministry newsletter each month. These can be distributed at your office, your church, and among your friends and relatives.
  • Organize a collection for supplies that are need at the orphanage. Then ship the items to our warehouse in 3355 Brushy Creek Rd.,Greer, SC 29651 for transport to Romania on our next ocean container. Some of the things that you could collect are: children’s cough syrup, Tylenol, ibuprofen, aspirin, antibiotic cream, cortisone cream, school supplies, backpacks, pencils, erasers, crayons, water color sets, paint by number sets, children’s puzzles, used musical instruments, used tents and camping equipment, etc.
  • We also have an ongoing need for basic food supplies: bags of beans, rice, pasta, cans of pasta sauce, soup, fruits and vegetables.  We also need unbreakable jars of peanut butter, jam, boxes of cereal, and dehydrated fruit.
  • Ask your pastor if you can be the “official representative” or liaison between Bread of Life Orphanage and the church. We can provide you with literature, photos, brochures, and other tools to help you set up a display table or information corner at your church.
  • You can organize a mission team to travel to the orphanage for a short term trip. Please contact us if you are interested and we will help you set up the details of the trip.
  • Send us names and addresses of your friends and relatives who would like to receive information about The Bread of Life Orphanage.
  • We are open to hearing your ideas and suggestions. How can we bring growth and greater stability to our ministry? Send us your ideas.
  • Most of all………..pray for us daily.

How To Contact The Bread Of Life Orphanage

Bread of Life Orphanage
Brosteni, Romania
Administrative Office
920 Center Church Rd.  East Earl, Pa. 17519